The Balance between Fear and Frustration

The coronavirus, more specifically known as COVID-19, is among us. And wow has it impacted our lives.

What I have noticed over the past few days is the tendency for people to veer off in one of two directions. Some people are overcome with fear. They have essentially barricaded themselves in their homes, after purchasing as many rolls of toilet paper as they can, and they are now checking their temperature every few hours. This is obviously not a sane way to live through the crisis.

On the other side of the continuum are those individuals who announce that nothing is really happening. They note that the number of deaths due to the flu is much greater every year and they complain that their plans to go see a movie with a friend have been unnecessarily delayed. Once again, this is not a reasonable way to react during this evolving health emergency.

The more difficult response, one that is not altogether clear, is finding an appropriate middle ground. This is the place of balance between illogical fear and infuriated frustration. One way to find this balance for yourself is to consider how you can be a help and encouragement to others. To those around you who are fearful, be a good listener and allow them, as best you can, to keep their social distance. For those around you who are frustrated, be a good listener and allow them, as best you can, to protest the instability that this pandemic is creating. Acknowledging and understanding the two extreme positions that others hold will help steer you to a more balanced, and hopefully more healthy perspective during this challenging time.

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