Start a Digital Notebook

Before you start your college search adventure, you need to set up a notebook to keep track of all of the information you discover along the way. I strongly recommend a digital note taking application since using one is simple to make changes to, is as portable as your smart phone, and is easily shared with others. You can store your logins and passwords to college search sites securely. A digital note taking program can also help you keep track of how your thinking changes over time. In my experience, many students decide to attend a school they did not initially rate as their first choice. (This is supported by national research which indicates that less than 57% of students attend their first-choice school.)

I recommend one of the following three note taking applications: Microsoft Onenote; Google Keep; or Evernote. Whichever one you select, I would encourage you to stick with that program throughout your college search process as switching back and forth will make things confusing and unproductive. At some point you are probably going to also want to create a spreadsheet that highlights the differences between schools. For that project I would recommend using either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Here's a link to a Google Sheet showing Christian colleges and universities you might want to consider checking out.


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