See Where Students from Your State are Going to College

Updated: Jan 16

So you are thinking about which college to attend and you are wondering if you should go to a school out-of-state. This is a significant question as attending a college out-of-state is very likely going to be more expensive than staying in your home state. Public institutions typically charge more to out-of-state students. And even if your choice is between a similarly priced in-state or an out-of-state private school, there will still be the extra cost of traveling between a more distant college and your home.

If this is a question in your college search, rest assured you are not alone. Millions of students every year make a decision between attending a school in their state and attending one far away. Interestingly, a recent peer-reviewed research article by Garza and Fullerton concludes that first-generation students are significantly more likely to graduate from college if they attend a school far from home than if they attend a school close to home.

If you are curious what other prospective students in your state are deciding to do, you may want to check out this interactive map of college student migration posted by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Their map shows how many students remain in their home state to attend college and how many leave their state. (For example, about 31% of Oregon freshmen attended a school in another state in 2014.) Most intriguingly, the interactive also provides a list of the top schools chosen by students from a particular state and which states they are most likely to migrate to. (For a discussion on whether you should live with your parents while attending school, see my recent blog post, Should you Live at Home During College?)

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