How to Spend Time during the COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

During this current public health emergency, many Americans are wondering how they should spend their time cooped up indoors. (Now to be fair, there are many people who are experiencing long and exhausting days. For example, most employees in the healthcare and grocery store markets are working overtime right now.) But for many others, waiting at home is their lot in life. And so the question for these latter folks often becomes, what to do with all of this time?

As I noted in an earlier post from the summer of 2019, one could conceive of a time use hierarchy ranked from wasting time entertaining oneself to productively employing opportunities to benefit others. Accepting the hierarchy doesn't mean that one should never enjoy a video game or stream a show. The idea is simply that entertainment activities are like dessert--they're best enjoyed in small quantities. Hence if we find ourselves with an unusual amount of personal time, like now, it may be worthwhile to consider how we can use this time in a healthy way.

For example, my wife and I have recently established a semi-structured learning time for our two daughters. While the public schools are closed, we have decided to continue their educations by focusing on math and history. We created intentionally learning time for the kids. I've decided to take this same medicine and have dedicated a couple hours each day to learn more about personal investing. I've found to be an excellent resource in this area. While this learning is helpful for me and my family, I also realized that many Christian families want to engage in some type of home church, but they are not sure what to do or where to find good curriculum. As a response, I've been developing a website called in order to provide free lesson plans for families who want to engage in an interactive study of the Bible.

In summary, while it is tempting to spend our "stay at home" order bingeing on Netflix shows, it's best to consider how you can encourage and serve others with your time even in this social distancing moment. While creating a website might not be your thing, what activities might you enjoy which will also help others? If you don't immediately know, figuring this out may be the first thing to do with your COVID-19 time.


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