Deciding to Attend a Christian or Non-Christian College

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

This website is dedicated to helping Christians find the college that is right for them. If you've read my mission page you know that I think it is okay for Christians to attend a public institution of higher education. (I have attended and worked at several public schools.) A Christian college is not always the best choice for everyone. Many Christian colleges lack adequate resources and are perceived to be of poor quality (Senn. 2016). Anecdotally, I have found this to be the case more often than I would like.

Moreover, just because a college claims to be Christian doesn't mean its faculty and staff accept a Christian worldview. In fact, several years ago I was a candidate for an administrator position at a well known Christian university. To my surprise and dismay, a couple faculty I talked to during my interview went out of their way to tell me they were not believers and one even offered to provide me the "right answers" to the theology assessment required of all position finalists. (I promptly withdrew from that search.)

What some Christians need to realize is that you can acquire a solid education and grow in your faith at a secular institution. Along the way you can also save yourself from a great deal of debt. The point of this post is to encourage you to keep some non-Christian schools on your list when you engage in your college search. In my next post, I'll suggest what to look for when deciding if a non-Christian school is worth applying to.


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