A Visual Representation for Finding your Calling.

People often say you should do what you are passionate about. That's only a quarter of the truth, and by itself it may be misleading. A better approach is to consider your Ikigai, (pronounced ee-key-guy). Ikigai is a Japanese term for your reason for being. Check out this 12 minute TEDx presentation by Tim Tamashiro if you would like to learn more about the concept. (The diagram above is taken from a Toronto Star article and originally adapted from a blog post by Mark Winn.)

This is a powerful visualization for Christians because it suggests that one's purpose is a multifaceted construct. To find the right college begins with a consideration of what you love doing, what you are gifted at, what provides for your needs, and what will advance God's plan? You want to make decisions that will help you advance toward that dark green area in the center of Passion, Profession, Vocation, and Mission. Looked at in this way, your college search is more than just finding the right school, it's about determining your deeper calling.


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