A College Lesson from Daniel

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

When people think of Daniel from the Old Testament, they typically think of his survival in the lion's den. It's an inspiring story about a man who stays committed to his worship of God, to the point where he is willing to give up everything rather than submit to rules he cannot follow. What's worth noting, however, is that Daniel became a person of devotion and confidence over time. His path to leadership started off as a student in a school far from home.

As we look at Chapter 1 of the Book of Daniel, we see that this part of Daniel's story can be compared to a contemporary college student. In this post, I will list these similarities. In future posts, I will explain how these aspects of Daniel's story relate to living as a successful college student.

Some of the parallels from Daniel 1 include:

Verse 3: Daniel is a young adult living away from home.

Verse 4: He had to get accepted into a prestigious training program.

Verse 5: The training program was designed to take several years to complete.

Verse 6: Daniel made friends while in the program.

Verse 8: Daniel experienced some challenges while in the program.

Verse 11: He made connections with the program's administrators and staff.

Verses 12-15: Daniel focused on his values and goals while in the program.

Verse 16: Daniel didn't follow the behavior of his fellow students.

Verse 17: God rewarded Daniel for his dedication and discipline.

Verse 18: Daniel was tested at the end of his training period.

Verse 19: Daniel achieved a job based on how he did in an interview.

Verse 20: Daniel was competent in his work.

Verse 21: Daniel led a life of significance for a long period of time.

While Daniel's training was forced upon him, he desired to do well. Ultimately, he was successful because he made his service to God his foremost priority. In addition, Daniel associated with positive peers, made valuable connections with program staff, and excelled in his studies. If anyone desires to be ten times better than the competition, this is the recipe for success.

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